TipZ-N-TriX from the Six High End Toronto Made Fashion Apparel & Lifestyle

Esperanza, a local Toronto Nail Tech and Fashion Designer known: for her ambition, style, and love of life, has always had a passion for fashion design and the beauty industry. “Apparel to me,  has always been like puzzle pieces. I look at fabric and see apparel before it exist.” Esperanza takes pride in her high-end custom, made in Toronto, Canadian Apparel.  TipZ-N-TriX is limited to only 9 of a kind per design,& each is a custom made to order piece. All Apparel includes a 9 digit embossed plaque with each order. 

After spending over 12 years in the personal grooming industry, working in high-end, luxury salon and spas, in Toronto; highly recommended among “A” list celebrities & Professional Athletes. Esperanza decided to make a career change. Upon realizing her passion for fashion design, she also had a love for educating clients in: services, products and lifestyle TipZ-N-TriX she learned from the SiX; in which she experienced beneficial.  

That is where the name TipZ-N-TriX was created, to provide her customers and clients with Lifestyle TipZ-N-TriX from the SiX.  “I, simply do not want to stop being a personal care consultant, it’s like breathing to me… GlamourGirl, Dahhling ”Esperanza.